Sponsor Information Form

Sponsorship is a key aspect of the Walk to Emmaus.  Applicants to a Walk to Emmaus do not just attend the event.  They are sponsored by a caring Christian brother or sister who commits to pray for them, care for their family while they are gone, and be a friend and advisor to them in the days and months following their Emmaus weekend.  Because this  is such an important part of the Emmaus experience, all applicants must have a sponsor who has already attended the Emmaus  weekend to guide them through the journey.

If you would like to experience the Walk to Emmaus, but do not have a sponsor, we encourage you to contact us.  We’ll be happy to help find someone in your community who will sponsor you.  If you are sponsoring a prospective pilgrim, please fill out the form below.  Be sure to include your applicant’s name to allow us to match your information with theirs.

  • Applicant Name

  • Sponsor Contact Information

  • Please provide WTE (Cursillo, Tres Dias, etc.) community name. Example: Heart of Georgia WTE
  • About Your Pilgrim

  • Sponsor, please remember that the Walk Weekend is an intense program of Christian study and spiritual growth, and is not a retreat or a cure-all for persons who may be experiencing temporary problems. Applicants should be active in their church and should desire an opportunity to grow in Christ and to enhance their participation and involvement in the body of Christ, His church. As you complete the following questions, be mindful that the success of your applicant's weekend is directly influenced by your prayer, your involvement with the applicant and their family, and your participation in the activities of the weekend and following the Walk to Emmaus.

  • Sponsor's Commitment